Rainy days are here and we are reminding you again of the procedures to follow during inclement weather.

1.    Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAG-ASA) - It is in charge of weather forecasting and informing the public about rainfall level warning and other weather disturbances in our country.

2.       Suspension of Classes depends on the Storms Signals.

Signal #1            Automatic Suspension of Classes in Preschool level, both Private and Public School.

Signal #2            Automatic Suspension of Classes in Preschool, Elementary and Junior and Senior High School level, both Public and Private School.

Signal #3            Automatic Suspension of ALL levels including Graduate Schools both Public and Private School.

3.    If there are no Storm Signal warnings declared by PAG-ASA, LICS will follow the announcements for suspension of classes by DepEd officials, Malacañang, the Pasig City Mayor or NDCC (National Disaster Coordinating Council). It is highly recommended that you listen to the news updates on the radio or watch  news reports on television. There is no need to call the school for verification. Below are some examples:

Radio:             DZRH (AM 666)            DZMM (AM 630)          DZBB (AM 594)

TV:                  ABS-CBN (Ch. 2)           GMA (Ch. 7)                  TV5 (Ch. 5)                     CNN PH (Ch. 9 / Ch. 14 Sky)

                        PTV (Ch. 4)                     IBC (Ch. 13)                   ANC (SkyCable)             Teleradyo (SkyCable)

4.       In case of late announcement and the students are already in the school, the students will NOT be dismissed right away and all at the same time. They will be dismissed by level.

FIRST: Preschool and Primary students with fetchers. Fetchers must display their DISMISSAL I.D.

NEXT: Middle School Students with umbrellas or raincoats. Students with Dismissal Permit will stay in a designated room and be fetched by their parents wearing their Dismissal I.D. Those who don’t have their umbrellas or raincoats must wait for the rain to subside a bit so they can board safely on tricycles or jeep.

LASTLY: High School Students with umbrellas and raincoats, and followed by those who have no umbrellas or raincoats once the rain weakens enough.

5.       If classes are suspended during testing days the test will be given when classes resume.