LICS – An Enduring Dream and A Promise

La Immaculada Concepcion School came from humble beginnings. Starting with Pre-School in 1972, the school continuously expanded until it became what it is today. Having faced many obstacles and surprises throughout the years, the school endured and has remained strong under the leadership of Concepcion T. Brown and continued by Rhomeo Brown, Jr. The school’s commitment to each student’s education and well-being is just as strong and unwavering.

Education has become even more important today. With the rapid changes in society and advancements in technology, our students need to be able to cope with the demands and challenges they are exposed to on a daily basis. To achieve this, LICS strives to provide each child in our charge with a strong moral code and a discerning mind.

K12 and Beyond

The K12 Program has several objectives, one of which is to make college an option.  Admittedly, it will take some time for perceptions to change – that a college education is the sole path to success. The goal of the program is, after finishing Grade 12, every student should already have the necessary skills to join the workforce, but they also have the option to go to college to further their studies.  

Only a few years into its implementation, there were some doubts raised by some detractors of the effectiveness of the program. However, it should be noted that the program has only produced its second batch of Grade 12 in AY 2018-19, way too early to judge if the program is effective or not.

It cannot be stressed strongly enough: the K12 is vital for the country to remain competitive in the global arena; we cannot let ourselves be left behind.,